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Well, I've finally made good on my promise to post some tablature (that's written music for fretted instruments) for my music for those interested. I will try to get some more up over the weekend, but for now, I posted the tab for the guitar arrangement of Chattanooga Choo Choo. Yeah, it's a little boring, but if you play that for people, they will like it!

Anyway, here is the Tablature Section, to be updated regularly.


2 Responses to The First Tab
  1. Oscar Says:

    I am putting it in to TablEdit right now, but I’m stuck on how to notate a drop to “C” tuning in the middle of the tune! When I figure that out, I’ll post it. :veryhappy:

  2. Repper Says:

    Hey, I have enjoyed your high end playing for awhile. I found your site last year on a search for Nola. Could you post that tab? Thanks.

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The First Tab

Posted by Oscar on Fri, 1/31/03 at 01:24 AM
Filed under: • Guitar & BanjoTablature
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