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NOTE: Updated 5/28/09 - This original tab was set at a slow tempo and with the MIDI instrument as guitar. It didn't sound good when played, and some people therefore thought the tab was bad. I decided to fix it so it plays properly, and while I was at it, I transcribed the version that Bill Keith plays live on one of the Kaufman Kamp CD's. It's all notated in the tab, but the jazzy intro and first break are from the Kaufman Kamp, then the next two breaks are from the Something Auld CD, and then the last break and jazzy outro are from the Kaufman Kamp CD. This is a nice study in Bill's playing and thinking. Learn the middle two breaks first, as they are straightforward. Learn the other two to get an idea of how Bill plays live - this tab can help you capture his style, to the extent any of us really can. If you have downloaded this tab before 5/27/09, you do not have the latest version.

I originally set up this blog to organize my acoustic music playing and to make it available to fellow enthusiasts. But, I seem unable to resist more generalized ranting and screwing around with the thing

In fact, when I'm as busy as I have been, being a responsible adult, a quick rant here is about all I can manage. This last week has been so busy, I have hardly had a chance to read my email! But today, after work, I realized, whoa, I'm pretty much caught up!

So, this evening, in response to a whole bunch of requests, I have completed the tablature for the great Ellington tune, Caravan.

This tune was arranged for the 5-String banjo by genius, Bill Keith. It is my opinion that you can pretty much count on one hand the truly great musicians in the world. In fact, the other day, I was listening to Hedwig's Theme from Harry Potter on the piano, and I thought "wow, coool, WHO wrote that???" I discovered it was the great John Williams, and I felt oddly better, secure in the knowledge that not just anyone is producing greatness.

Anyway, Ellington was obviously one of the very greatest, and for banjo enthusiasts, there is no one more musical than Bill Keith.

So here is my own banjo rendition of Keith's arrangement of Caravan => Caravan.mp3

And for you banjo players, the tab is here on my tab page => Caravan Tablature

Enjoy it!

For everyone else, if you play the piano, or one of your kids does, then buy the sheet music for Hedwig's Theme and play it. You've just gotta love it


5 Responses to Caravan Tablature
  1. Dominic Says:

    I’m always looking for fun new pieces to master. This is so cool. I’m definitely going to have to see if my Grandaughter wants to learn the piano piece to play with me.

  2. Oscar Says:

    Does indeed Maggie, but I prefer it more laid back ... of course, 200 hundred cans of Sunkist Orange doesn’t help that (see next post) ... but maybe those lime margaritas!

  3. Maggie Says:

    Now that makes Maggie happy !!  See??  I just got back from a disappearance of my own.  Sometimes life gets busy right Oscar??

  4. Oscar Says:

    Yes, I inherited a piano from my mother, and I am most delighted with it!

    Also, thanks for the warm words I wish I weren’t so busy that I keep disappearing! The funny thing is, it seems to take time to waste time! Like two weeks ago I had three hours free in the afternoon so I went to the gym, and then this Tuesday I went flying on the one nice day in the last 6 weeks, but then I was way behind on everything again! BHut it DOES look like things are quieting down a little over the summer. I may go broke, but at least I’ll have some free time! (plenty of which will be spent visiting divamaggie.com!)

  5. Maggie Says:

    Now there’s a another good idea for a birthday present…always wanted a piano and then of course to learn how to play.  Off to listen to your talents now .  Did I mention how much I’ve missed you??

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Caravan Tablature

Posted by Oscar on Sun, 6/15/03 at 01:44 AM
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