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My newest musical adventure is into the wonderful world of flatpicking guitar. I’ve always loved that sound, but I have now started to put some way serious effort into learning it right. Yesterday, a flatpicker asked me if I had guitar tablature for the tune, Sunday’s Hornpipe (here is an mp3 of Sunday’s Hornpipe on the banjo that I recorded long ago).

This gorgeous tune was written by French guitar genius Pierre Bensusan and arranged for banjo by the great Bill Keith. Frankly, I had forgotten how beautiufl this tune is, and I probably haven’t played it on the banjo in fifteen years.

So, when my flatpicking colleague asked me about a guitar tab for the tune, I thought, “what a great idea,” and I stayed up until a little too late last night writing a flatpicking arrangement of it, which I just love, as it turns out.

Download: Sunday’s Hornpipe flatpicking tab here
(in TablEdit Format, which you can download a free viewer for)


I hope you relish it as much as I (to quote a Star Trek line). Enjoy!

Oh, and here’s me trying to actually play this arrangement - banjo & guitar


6 Responses to Sunday’s Hornpipe Flatpicking Tablature
  1. Oscar Says:

    Hi Maggie! Well, the MIDI is just the computer playing the arrangement that I wrote of the tune. I think I play it better than the computer, but I haven’t had a chance to record it yet. I’m thinking I’ll make another video, but I just haven’t had the time!

  2. Maggie Says:

    I pressed the “Play MIDI” link.  Is that you playing Oscar?  If so, you are very good indeed!!

    Now I do hope you got out today and voted for Kerry.  All together now…“SEEYAGEORGE!!!”

  3. Oscar Says:

    Happy Halloween Rori! Just back from tromping around the neighborhood with my daughter. We both have colds, and are headed off to bed at the tender hour of 8:30, but I have “fallen back” and look forward to waking up too early tomorrow so I can go back to sleep!

  4. Rori Says:

    Trick or Treat!

    Although I feel weird saying this..



  5. Oscar Says:

    Hi Rori! Since it’s only a midi file, it’s fairly small anyway. I plan to make a video of me actually playing these tunes one of these days, but I have to recover from an elbow tendinitis first .

    I have DSL in my office and cable at home. I like the cable much better too. But, just yesterday, it seemed to me that the bill doubled for the cable. Maybe it was the end of some hidden promotional deal. But, since I quit my day job, I’ll have to see what I can afford too! Damned comptuters are gonna finish me off in the end - I forsee it

  6. Rori Says:

    I will be sure to listen to it from work. I just switched to this DSL and it is funky, very funky. Cable was batter, but they were going to go up to $52 per month.

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Sunday’s Hornpipe Flatpicking Tablature

Posted by Oscar on Sat, 10/9/04 at 10:39 AM
Filed under: • Guitar & BanjoTablature
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