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In about 1980, I was almost solely interested in the complete and total mastery of the video game Space Invaders (and, I might add, I achieved this). Not long after that, a scientist friend of mine showed me his new Apple ][ computer, which, by the way, happened to have Space Invaders on it. To me, the Apple ][ was Space Invaders with a typewriter, a disk drive, and BASIC! Wow! Heaven on Earth.

I bought one (a revision 8, original Integer BASIC machine) immediately (well, as immediately as a twenty-something guy could find the money). I then learned everything there was to know about it, including all the code in the firmware (back when one could do that) - starting from zero computer knowledge - I loved that thing!

So, of course, as soon as I heard about the internet, I was on there (no GUI’s), and as soon as I heard about the web, I built a web site. That was when you only had Mosaic to see it with.

I spent countless hours on all this, and unlike many smarter people, I never managed/bothered to make one thin dime from the whole enterprise. This was playtime for me, and maybe I could only enjoy it as long as it was utterly unproductive, except, of course, in the connectivity sense. It is still that way for me. Just for fun and play! I’ve got other fish to fry in the serious world.

Now, about ten years ago, I put up an elaborate web page, with all sorts of bells and whistles, and links to my guitar and banjo playing (now, that I have taken very seriously, well, kinda seriously ... that is, seriously, as in, a pretty intense hobby and a marginal vocation (we were The Helium Brothers) for a long time. People liked that music stuff on my site, and requested that I write out some of the fancy banjo and guitar that I had figured out tunes so that others could learn them, etc.

Of course, the web site was almost wholly un-navigable, and in fact, some of the music was lving on some server that I had forgotten had shut down long ago!

Suddenly, I woke up and realized that my web site was the most dated looking thing I’d seen in years on the internet (worse for its pretensions than a plain grey page with links). So the other day I discovered MovableType, and decided to move to a blog format. I wrote that sentence about six years ago, and have since moved to Expression Engine for a CMS. I have re-designed the site again here in 2009, so as not to be too far out of date - it seems that it takes five years for a site to really look dated.

The site is mostly dedicated to my love of acoustic music. I don’t post regularly, but if I transcribe a new tune that you can’t find anywhere else, I’ll post it. Same if I make a new video. The real value of this site is if you suddenly feel the urge to learn one of these tunes, and you find it transcribed here. If you play this kind of music and you are looking for a transcription, please feel free to ask me about it. I can point you to one, or else transcribe it myself if I have the time.

That is the “mission statement” here, such as it is ...


Mission Statement

Posted by Oscar on Wed, 1/1/03 at 02:58 PM
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