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New banjo and guitar mp3’s added after all these years! A lot of folks have requested that I post some new stuff, so I have decided to get over a few things and just do it. What things might those be, you ask?

Well, I sat down years ago and recorded a whole bunch of instrumentals with just a cheap little microphone and an old Teac reel-to-reel tape recorder. Since then, I have recorded the newer stuff with a slightly better microphone and a cassette recorder, but that technology is sufficiently better and the recordings sound pretty good. Anyway, I posted some of the best of that old stuff on my old web site years ago, and I have received e-mails and queries about them regularly since then. But there were two categories of recordings that I withheld. The first was music that had either outright imperfections, or else hidden flaws like dropping out a whole measure, or playing the wrong scale somewhere. I remember one time when a guy asked Bill Keith, who was missing a few notes, “doesn’t the audience expect you to be perfect?” Now, I would have answered in a far less gracious way than Bill, who simply said “Why? I don’t expect them to be perfect.” The profound wisdom in that statement was lost on me at the time, and I just thouight it was funny and kind of clever. Of course, if you have the musicality of Bill Keith, then who really cares about anything else anyway? But, for me, I had to live another couple of decades to realize that it is good to share yourself unapologetically (I’m still not that great at it, sorry) ... heh heh ... Okay, seriously, I just posted a bunch of recordings, some not all that great, but, hey ... they’re pretty great. The second category I withheld was original compositions. I feared they would be ripped off before I could do something else with them, or else the basic ideas would be stolen. Now, I realize how absurd that is. What do I care? So, I have posted one that I recorded, and I’l plan to record and post some others in the near future. Other future plans are some re-workings of some of the stuff already here, and also, a couple of people have requested The Claw, so I’ll cook up a version of that - after all, I have been playing it for ... well, never mind for how long ... In addition, people have requested that I post some tabs for this stuff. I have never tabbed most of it out, but if you request one, amybe I can get myself to do it, one tune at a time. I will try to do the most popular ones. Well, that’s it for now, and many thanks to all who have been so encouraging and generous with their praise regarding this rather esoteric music.

New mp3’s

Posted by Oscar on Thu, 1/23/03 at 06:19 PM
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OFH Solo Banjo/Guitar mp3's
pretty good if you like pickin'

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