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See NetflixSuite Plugins for the very latest version of Netflix History.


Here’s the NetflixHistory plugin. Just when you thought it wasn’t possible to play with the Netflix plugin one more bit ...

What happened is that in the Comments of my Netflix Queue Plugin 2003 post, Smartacus requested a plugin that would scrape the Netflix Rental History page instead of the queue. The argument was that one might want to display a list of flicks they’d actually seen, all the better to be in a position to discuss them!

This was pretty tough logic to oppose, and unfortunately I got the comment note at about 11:30 last night, causing me to stay up another hour kludging up said plugin when a rational person (probably including Smartacus if logic skills are any indication) would be sleeping.

Anyway, the plugin is called NetflixHistory and it will return your 3-Month Rental History list. The tags return movie title (with date movie produced included, as in the NetFlix list’s format), url to the movie, date shipped to you, and date received back by Netflix (in case your enraptured readers are really curious about your exact doings).

For example:
<MTNetflixHistory session_id="<your session ID>">
<a href="<$MTNetflixHistoryURL$>"><$MTNetflixHistoryTitle$></a><br />

Available tags are:

No fancy stuff here. Let me know of bugs or feature requests.

Download: NetflixHistory

Netflix History Plugin

Posted by Oscar on Tue, 9/23/03 at 09:09 AM
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