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NOTE (2009): This is not what you want. This stuff is very, very old.

I once decided to take a few minutes to doctor up my old ShoutBox to use a mini-blacklist.

I highly recommend taking these steps if you use ShoutBox:

1) Open the file “shoutbox_langpack_english.php” in a text editor. On or about line #31, paste in the following definition.

define(“_SPAM_MAN”,“Your URL Is Not Valid”);

Any phrase between the second set of quotes will do - perhaps, “Thank you for attempting to post, but we are declining such messages”

2) Open the file “shoutbox.php” in a text editor. Go to around line # 116, and find this:

  if (isFlooding() >= 3) {

Add a few spaces after that “if” statement so you can paste in another one. Paste this “if” statement after (below) the one above:


if (preg_match (”/teenz|anti-trust|ayke-halder|reallydope|richirich|seex|sex|hentai|kissvibes|only-php|lots0cash
  $url)) {

$error = _SPAM_MAN;


Note: I will try, for awhile, to keep the above statement up to date with the phrases in urls that have been posted here by spammers. Feel free to make me aware of other offending urls.

The words between the pipes are found in the urls that the spammers are leaving. You can add as many more as necessary.

So, that’s it. Easy, eh? I’d advise you to implement this today, because I still think the ShoutBox is kinda fun, and the spammers have been wrecking it!

ShoutBox Spam - Here’s A Partial Fix

Posted by Oscar on Sun, 5/9/04 at 11:43 PM
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