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Hi Tweeps! This is my Twitter Landing Area

I borrowed the idea from @imjustcreative who has a great video landing zone.

I suppose, I’ll speak for myself in the video, but on camera, I neglected to mention that peculiar instrument I am holding. It is a Tranjo, which is short for “Travel Banjo.”

You can play it like a banjo, but take it apart and put it in your suitcase. I was making another video with it when I decided to make this one. Not to worry, I won’t play it (oops, I re-watched this, and I guess I play a few harmonics at the end ...). But a real Tranjo demonstration you can find elsewhere on the site, if you’re having a really slow day!

(Oh, and I hid my little Twitter landing area on my site by dating the entry a ways in the past, so the real date of this post is 1/7/09)

(Also of note, I was pleased that I suppressed the impulse to say, “This is Tranjo. I hope you relish it as much as I.” in my best Balok voice

from The Corbomite Maneuver. The name geekbus came about before computers and Star Trek, but I guess it has held up well.)

Area 51 - geekbus Twitter Landing Pad

Posted by Oscar on Thu, 1/9/03 at 04:19 PM
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OFH Solo Banjo/Guitar mp3's
pretty good if you like pickin'

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