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When I started playing the guitar at twelve years old I became fascinated with fingerstyle guitar. It’s still my first love, even though I have been putting all of my energy into flatpicking recently.

A few weeks ago, someone was looking for the fingerpicking guitar part to Precious Lord Take My Hand, a beautiful song sung by Doc Watson on this album. I volunteered to transcribe it for him. The intro and the guitar break are tabbed here. I didn’t work too hard on notating the exact timing, but the tab is pretty close to exactly what Doc does. I thought I might as well share it, in case anyone else wants to learn the tune. Nobody can do what Doc does like Doc does it. He sings this tune just so great!

Download: Precious Lord Take My Hand tab here
(in TablEdit Format, which you can download a free viewer for)



Precious Lord Take My Hand Tab

Posted by Oscar on Sat, 11/6/04 at 11:32 AM
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