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Discerning bluegrass guitar flatpickers will immediately recognize both Jim Hurst and Tim Stafford as national treasures. Their musicality makes up for an awful lot of mindless deedling coming from many others. Jim wrote the tune Stafford’s Stomp in honor of Tim, and he has Tim playing a break on it. The tune shows off both Jim’s Jerry Reed-esque hotness sensibility and also lends itself to Tim’s cool rolling style. To use Jim’s phrase, these two guys just “wear it out.”

I dig this tune so hard that I had to transcribe the whole thing and study what these two acoustic guitar greats were up to. The first three breaks I transcribed were Hurst - Stafford - Hurst from the version on Jim’s CD Second Son. The fourth through sixth breaks ... Read More

Stafford’s Stomp Tab

Posted by Oscar on Wed, 7/27/05 at 06:27 PM
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