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Progressive Pickin’ was released in 1964 and for some reason, it was kicking around the house when I was a kid in those years. I didn’t know of Chet Atkins or Jerry Reed at the time, but I loved that album, and I vowed I would learn to play guitar like that one day. Every tune on it is great! I must have listened to it a thousand times, and not only did it leave an indelible impression, but it changed the course of my life as I became determined to play guitar like that.

Even then, though, I noticed that there were two tunes, Kicky and Early Times, that had a different quality from the rest. They were new and imaginative in a way that said they were written on and for the guitar, by some kind of genius. I could tell that then, and I only knew how to strum a few chords on the guitar, but some things you just know. This is to say that I loved Jerry Reed long before I knew he was Jerry Reed or anything else about his music. Over the years, I learned to play most of the tunes on this great Chet record, but in none too disciplined a way, to which my old recording of Early Times here on the website will testify. Read More