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I do have a "day job" as a general psychiatrist and psychoanalyst. It's more of a 24 hour/day job really, and it luckily I love.

This site is unrelated to all of that, which you can find here.

I subtracted 20 years from my age to pose for that picture.

You can return to this site by clicking on that young fella's nose (why use the "back" button when you can do that?)


1 Response to Professional
  1. Reinulf Liebhart Says:

    Dear Mr. Hills,

    four years ago you wrote the following Youtube-comment on Larry McNeely´s guitar playing of Jerry Reed´s ´The Claw`:

    “I recorded it on reel-to-reel when I was a kid watching the show, and I learned Larry’s version from that tape, which I still have. It’s what first turned me on to Jerry Reed, and Larry plays this so great. Onliest problem is now everyone will know where I ripped off the ending from! smile”.

    Maybe you know what he is playing between 1:13-1:15? That´s the only part i couldn´t figure out up to now.

    Thank you for your inspirational playing, for your publishing and the powerfully eloquent appreciations.

    I would be delighted to get an answer.

    Yours sincerely,

    Reinulf Liebhart

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